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Hi peeps me again. This wedding in Margueron 33220 in September is proving very challenging not helped by the fact we are trying to arrange from the UK. The previous headache re catering has now been solved - a lovely French couple. Now we are in desperate need of a photographer. The lady we had booked - coming from the UK - has just informed us she is pregnant and will be unable to travel !!! Also - not so important but would like. We had arranged bales of straw for a seating area to be delivered by a local man . We have recently heard that the poor man has died so again would like to find where locally we can get bales of straw .
Any help will be appreciated.

For bales, try the nearest coopérative agricole, look in the pages jaunes for addresses and numbers. Photographers will also be in there.

As per Veronique’s advice… it can all be found on the internet Pages Jaunes under the approriate headings etc…

You do seem to be having a lot of bad luck with your preparations… but, on the other hand… Birth, Marriage and Death… do all go together… :wink::relaxed::relaxed:

Hi guys. Thank you but unfortunately we are in the UK . Will not be back in france now til a week or so before the wedding. Previous bales found on Facebook!!! And photographer as mentioned previously had been booked about a year before and was happy to travel from UK as would have a holiday. So really now am looking for a friend who has a friend knows someone etc etc

How about asking your French caterers to help you out. I’m sure they know photographers etc and I imagine they would be happy to search out what you need if you offered to pay a little extra. And, of course, they speak French!!

Yes Mandy that’s a good idea. Will try them. Just In case no go I would still like any possible suggestions

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