General Election

Surprise General Election!

Clever lady, wants to put labour to the sword, and get Carte blanche for Brexit.

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Bookies going 1/10 on for the conservatives to win.

In my book, she’s no lady!

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She is reneging on the Cameron election pledge to give Brits who have been out of the country for more than fifteen years the right to vote.
No voting in the Referendum, no voting in this general election. This is appalling and I will not be voting Tory.

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Not so lady like to think and say one thing and then rally around the world in opposition.
This, to me shows someone who is just in search of power and too egocentric to be

How can we vote?
I Still have the right but will be blocked I am sure.
Like I was for the referendum.

Sounds intriguing Barbara - you’re not a Russian spy are you? !! :slight_smile:
Here’s the link to register by 22/5

Register to vote - GOV.UK

thanks…I have just registered.

Funny that you mentioned that.

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You do need to register and claim a postal vote. Perhaps it will work out this time.

waiting…just to see if I get the paper in the post…