General Winge!

I just need to feel sorry for me for a mo........please excuse me and don't read it if it will annoy you!

We have snow, it is so very pretty, I have taken loads of photos for next year christmas cards. It is also minus seven outside. We have no kitchen, I am cooking on the veranda, not heated on 2 rings and a micro! Long live the slow cooker! Yesterday no builders arrived because of the snow, I spent a really happy day (I know , sad) clearing away all the dust grit tools etc, today they are back, and the wall, apparently needs sanding again!

Now the only room that wasn't touched, our bed room, has the floor up to put in new lights downstairs............

IKNOW IT WILL BE LOVELY WHEN IT IS FINISHED but how do you live till then???????????

Going to make bread in the frying pan now...........!!!!!!!!

SOrry just needed to let off steam!


OOOH§ Valerie you have all this to come! We decided, more or less on a whim, to change the kitchen, which pleased me enormously, but this is a rotten time of year to do it, but then that is why it is happening quickly. Trouble is I moved toFRANCE in 2004, lived in a little house, very cosy, loved it SO much, while we did the barn renovation, Moved into barn in 2008, of course it wasnt finished, but the bedrooms bathrooms and kitchen were, so livable ;;;;;except in winter, no heating! However in 2010 he decided he had had enough, of the barn, of me of …who knows? and ran off to Malaysia! So here I am at the start of a new relationship building another house and living in brick dust again! I have a feeling there is something in a past life that means that this time I cant live in a house that is finished! I think it means we have to eat out a lot more, except of course we can’t get out!However the builders are here today so one day nearer the end!and it will be wonderful!
Are you up to your ears in boxes?

Fantastic Annie - that's probably exactly what I'll encounter when I move into an undoubtedly utility-less house in a coupl.e of weeks. At least if I pick up a camping stove, I could feed the kid!

Thank you! Don't be too nice or I'll cry! Cant even grab a siesta, try googling soda bread, or stove top bread and you'll find lots of recipes, good in these emergency situations!

That would be lovely..........;but we are very isolated, and very beautiful in the snow, but no neighbours! It is camping but hey, it is a laugh ususally! And the bread was good!

Do you have a kind hearted friend you can cook with from time to time?

Oh Annie you poor thing! I think I have a wicked side though as it did make me laugh and I'm intrigued to know how you make bread in a frying pan. I hope the weather warms up quickly enough to enable the builders to fight their way through and get things finished.