General work

Hi, After a lot of sould searching and long consideration, I have decided to put my pride (or what's left of it) and ask if there is anyone out there who needs an extra pair of hands or 2 pairs of hands. this will give you an outline of what we offer. Both have siret numbers, both have clean driving licences, both non smokers, hard working, honest, and reliable.

We are in dept 86, but for the right work, would consider travelling etc.

I'm trying to kick start the New Year, and drum up new contacts, leads or hopefully work. In an attempt to try and find a way to keep us in France.

I desperately want to stay here in France, but we need to earn more than we have coming through at the moment, as we don't have pensions or savings to rely on.

I'm in no hurry to move back to the UK, which holds far too many bad memories for me. One of which was debt, followed by marital problems, then followed by hospitalisation for me.

Why do I want to stay here in France, putting myself under stress? Because this is the very first time I can honestly say that 'I feel at home', and believe me after 28 homes, yes you did read that correctly, enough is enough. But I feel safer here than I have anywhere in the UK.

We've moved many times in order to stay employed, from one end of the UK to the other, not wanting to be a drain on the already suffering government by asking for handouts.

OK, I've put my heart on my sleeve, and my husband would go balistic if he knew I was writing this/posting this on a forum for all to see, pleading (for the want of a better expression) for work. But if there is anyone out there who could offer us anything, we'd be interested to hear from you.

I'd like to take this opportunity to Thank you, for taking some of your valuable time to read this post, and looking through my website. But ask that if you can offer any work, that you Email through the website, and NOT mention this message.