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Hi my brother lives in France. He had taken out car insurance with Generali. He had an accident in July last year. He posted the car registrration into general months ago. They said he filled the fprm in wrong and said the car registeration certificate was lost. He applied for a new one but it never arrived. GENERALI have now wrote to him saying the timeframe for submitting a claim has passed. They also posted out certificate the one they claimed was lost! Has anyone elae had expwrience of this company? Is there a financial ombudsman who could look into this.

@fabien may offer advice on this

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Evening @Kaz1972, unfortunately I’ve also had painful experiences with GENERALI (I’m a broker) and 2018 was a dreadful year for anyone who was insured with them as I’ve had to play it hard ball to get refunded sometimes as well so that’s not a company I would advise, at least not for individuals.

That being said, my answer is therefore clearly partial but if he filed in the wrong form at first there is probably a trace somewhere of that initial declaration. You can easily prove that you submitted the form in due time even if that was the wrong form. The best course of action right now would be to contact the person that sold you the policy (might not be the company directly) and step up your game a bit by mentioning 2 keywords as follow:

  • First, start you call by saying that you are calling to file an official “rĂ©clamation”. Say that the reclamation is about a claim that wasn’t properly processed when filed and that is no denied because it’s apparently too late. You can remind them about the “code des assurances” (article L 113-2) which clearly states that your only obligation was to declare the claim (which you did), filing up a detailed form is something the company should assist you with if you’re not able to do so on your own and they cannot oppose this to you as you’ve declared the claim within 5 days following it in respect to the code des assurances.
  • Secondly, whatever their answer, also ask them for the details of their “mĂ©diateur”. That step is also super important as you’ll be able to get to the next level for free if they fail to answer you properly.

First, follow step 1, they have up to 60 days to provide you with a definitive answer and then you can call the médiateur but they have to provide you with an answer within a couple days.

Let me know how it goes and good luck,
Sorry you had to experience that,

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Hello Fabien thank you very much for your detailed and helpful response. Yes certainly I will let you know how he gets on. Once again thank you.

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