Gens de Merde du Jardin des Sens

(Sarah Hague) #1

I’m sure most of you living in LR have heard of the Pourcel brothers and their tip top Montpellier restaurant le Jardin des Sens. They also own a private beach and restaurant le Carré Blanc which has received quite a few bad reviews on CityVox, and one on TripAdvisor.

When my friend, who has been there wrote to the ‘direction’ of J des S to ask if they had seen the reviews, this is the response she got back:

From: []

Sent: 07 September 2010 20:47

Subject: commentaires


je ne sais pas qui vous êtes...... d'ailleurs peu importe ...... c'est pour ça que je ne signerais pas
non plus, même si c'est facile de comprendre qui je suis....

Difficile de plaire à tout le monde... Je nous sent mal compris sur ce coup
là..... lol

Les commentaires sur Citivox sont affligeants de tristesse, nous ne pouvons pas
donner à ces gens là ce qu’ils recherchent.... Qu’ils passent leurs chemin, je
ne dirais pas qu'ils ne nous intéressent pas, mais pas loin ... oup's

Après chacun doit rester à sa place, autant le client que le restaurateurs......
faut quand même pas charrier.... qu'est ce qu'ils en savent tous ces gens des
merdes qu'il faut gérer tous les jours ??? hein ???? les donneurs de
leçon, on en a souper !

Carré Blanc n’est certes pas parfait, mais vu le succès de la saison 2010 et
les très nombreux fidèles qui y ont séjourné très régulièrement tout l’été, ce
ne doit pas être si mauvais....

Comparaison faite avec beaucoup d'autres plages, je continuerais à
aller souvent à Carré Blanc d’autant que j'en suis un des créateurs
et propriétaire.....

Bien à vous ,


Good evening

I don't know who you are... but that doesn't matter... it's why I won't sign this either, even if it's easy to know who I am...

Difficult to please everyone... I feel we are misunderstood on this one... lol

The remarks on
CityVox are pathetically sad, we can't give what these people want...
They should go elsewhere, I wouldn't say they don't interest us, but not
far... oops...

In fact, everyone
should know his place, the client as much as the restaurant owner, it's a
bit rich... what do they know, all these crappy people (gens de merde)
who we have to deal with every day, eh? I'm sick and tired of these
know-it-all advice-givers!

Carré Blanc
certainly isn't perfect, but seeing the success of the 2010 season and
the large number of faithful clients who visit regularly all summer, it
can't be that bad...

Compared with lots
of other (private) beaches, I'll continue to go often to Carré Blanc,
especially as I'm one of the creators and owner.

I like to go there for my birthday treat meal (the J des S), but I think, from this year, I'll go somewhere else. As they suggest, in fact. :)

(Ed Ward) #2

Okay, that wasn’t clear from your initial post.

That is, as you noted, inexcusable. And yeah, there are far too many good restaurants in this town – not to mention all around us – to put up with that kind of crap.

(Sarah Hague) #3

She did and they did. It was their response to her complaint. She complained at the time, politely, and they basically didn’t give a damn. This was in the Carré Blanc. They have a very high and mighty attitude there. I’ve been to the Jardin des Sens and greatly enjoyed it, but the same people own the Carré Blanc, and you expect more, as more is plugged.

When you don’t get it, and you’re overcharged, and the service is deplorable, then you complain. If they won’t listen on site, others will read reviews and make up their minds with their wallets. I won’t be going to Carré Blanc or Jardin des Sens any more because of this appalling email written, obviously, when drunk. Her polite email just required a polite response, not this contemptuous rant.

Very rarely are customers total shits. There are some, but most just want a nice meal, served in a timely manner, with polite friendly staff and pay a reasonable amount.

(Ed Ward) #4

There’s a smugness to the Pourcels that puts me off. That said, I never trust crowd-sourced reviews like CityVox and TripAdvisor because they can be – and often are – gamed. There’s a famous case in the courts right now where a resort paid people to write nice things on TripAdvisor. So I’m sort of with the Pourcels on this one. If your friend has a complaint with how she was treated at one of their joints, all good and fine. If they respond to her personal experience in a manner like this, then that’s inexcusable. Go or don’t go to the Jardin, and if you go, tell us how you liked it – or didn’t.