Genuine home working opportunities?

Hi everyone,

With gite number 1 washing its face and now full nearly all the time, we have set our sights on buying the only remaining house on the site that we couldn't purchase initially.

However, to make the numbers add up for the bank, OH Sam needs to earn an extra few hundred euros a month for a while. We have put adverts everywhere for gardening, odd jobs and English classes with very little success. Also signed up at all local job agencies, interims, contacted national and local cleaning services and even Mediapost again. All to no avail... and whatever he does has to be flexible enough to accommodate the gite change overs and cleaning.

So, has anyone come across any genuine internet-based / home-working or other types of flexible working opportunities that we could take a look at? We have been burned by so many scam ones that I no longer know where to look.

Hope you can help!



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Home-based businesses seem to have moved away from the Amway / Herbalife opportunities towards the unlimited potential of the internet. If you are seriously looking at internet businesses then I suggest you check out Sarah Starr, one of the UK’s leading exponents in this area. I have posted a link here to explain what I’m doing.

Note to Administrator: I’m not sure if it’s legit to post these kinds of links here - if not please feel free to delete. However, I think Danielle’s request can only be answered by following up such links - Ian

Thank you Ian, I’ll take a look!

Hi again Ian,

Can I ask if you actually do this, how successful it has been and how much time commitment do you need to put iin to make it worthwhile? I understand that you may not wish this information to be visible to all so feel free to PM me instead!

Also, presumably you need a website to act as a platform which has a good amount of footfall in order to be successful? (Something we don’t currently have and I’m not sure what we could create that would work…). We previously had a British food and gift website but it only lasted a couple of years and footfall was never high.



Hi Danielle,

I’m working with Sarah on her Licensed Partner Team (LPT) program. This is a higher level program in terms of your initial investment but you get more support and training. I would say that I’m avoiding the need to get a pension-boosting silly job by running an IM business maybe 2/3 hours most days. But, and this is the mother of all buts, most people who buy IM ‘businesses’ do not make good money. The reasons are simple - they don’t do any work and don’t treat it as a business. Same problem with diet books and gym memberships. So, I’m afraid it all depends on the individual. The only thing I would say if that if you are serious about looking at IM then Sarah’s stuff is amongst the best. There are only a small(ish) number of ways to make money on the internet; you don’t need 10 gurus all telling you the same thing. That causes information overload and leads to paralysis.
You don’t actually need a website for affiliate marketing. You can generate leads through software like LeadPages or Thrive Content Builder (TCB). For other types of activities you may need a webpage but Wordpress is the answer for that. You will never fail at IM due to lack of training, information and support - thanks to Google and YouTube.
Rather than invest any money at this stage, if you’re not sure, why not take a look at one of our free products? Again I’ve put a link below if this is OK with the Administrators. The trick is to decide what you want to do, what you’re comfortable with, how serious (or desperate) you are then All Out Massive Action to make it work.

Again, many thanks! I’ve downloaded the book.