Get a grip and lose some weight

Ok this is my first entry of a daily blog post on stop kidding myself I am getting fat and need to lose weight ,firstly I will apolagise for any grammatical mistakes but I just cant be arsed with checking myself all the time's to short ..

Right then just got on the scales and they were not very kind in fact if they could speak they would have said get off you fat b**t***d..I have come in at 106 kg which is about the same as a young Rhino, now I must say at this stage I am never gonna be skinny, after years of weight training and working as a doorman on my own night club I am a big lad, the difference being big and being big and lazy, equals lardy bum in my book, so as of today I am going to change that I will start by the obvious thing,food, I don't believe in diets, they are just designed to fail and they are BORING, my regime is to eat the same food which yes loads of bad stuff is in there, but it is all about portion control and most of all exercise,it is like building Rome, cant be done in a day or week or even a month its about changing eating habits the quantity of of what you consume and building an enjoyable exercise routine into your life, so for me day one, a very big decision and a very small first step ..will keep you posted going for a long walk..ttfn.

If Its genes Im donlad ducked …as my mum is a little fatty and my dad is dead so if I have to choose who’s genes …or maybe a bit of both Im a bit fat and only half dead…

Genes do have a part to play, but fundatmentally it’s calorie intake to calorie output. I was told that my blood sugar was a little high by my doctor, so I cut out as much sugar as possible. This is no mean feat I can tell you as ‘everything’ seems to have sugar in it. Special K, Rice Krispies, yogurt etc., etc., etc. So I ate Jordans, no sugar meusli, no fat no sugar yogurts. I hate sugar free drinks but found I could stomach calorie free Tonic water and, as I had cut out wine also (I thought I’d die) the Tonic water helped with my mental state, I think I fooled my brain into actually thinking that I was drinking a naughty little G&T (I know, it’s all in the mind). I lost 8kgs in 3 months and my blood sugar levels are now very normal. I actually got used to it after a while although at Xmas I did put some weight back on, so I am on the ‘regime’ again, albeit not to the intensity I was before. I think a Fat B…ds club is a good idea. Why not call it The Lardy A…s club? Make it light hearted and inspiring me thinks, us fatties like a good laugh - lol!

I’m in

Do we need an SFN Fat B******s Club? I will sign James up…

Good luck Steve

I too need to get a grip and lose two or three kilos round the middle. I agree, it's definitely about eating a little less and some good excercise.

Easier said than done.

All the best