Get giving!

(Catharine Higginson) #1

If you are anything like me, you’ll have stacks of useful ‘things’ that you no longer need but can’t bear to chuck out…So give them away! You’ll feel really good and clear some space. But where can you get rid of stuff? Ok, we all know about Emmaus - a great cause and a great source of vintage clothing, furniture and just about everything else. But if the nearest Emmaus is miles away, you might want to try online. is a bit like freecycle but the system is complicated and and personally, I don’t like using it, so tend not to bother. So I was really pleased to discover - registration takes about two seconds and donating an item about three…

You can share your donation on facebook and twitter with two clicks direct from the site - really user friendly.

There aren't many people using it yet in France (it's a really new thing) so there's hardly anything listed but it should expand rapidly - especially if we all spread the word.

So tell your friends, clear out the attics and get recycling - and don't forget that you heard it here first!