Get rich quick

I was awoken during the night by a strange notion that I should setup an online vintage camera business. This isn't the first time this has happened, I frequently come up with hair brained business ideas the majority of which come to nothing of course, I'll list a few of the ones that I can remember. Maybe someone can make use of them!

Off road holidays

Bacon importation

Surf style T-Shirt design

Concrete polishing

Surf art

Shetland Pony rugs

Land Rover importation

Over to you, let's here your get rich quick ideas, hopefully they will be better than mine!


Cost you a small fortune this time too, just texted the copyright office myself. lol.

I always get that one wrong!

I think you should have an oral spell check built in - for instance 'speech' might serve you better.... ahem, ahem.

I'm thinking of inventing a device that converts "speach" to "text". So that you can "text" when you are driving. If the other person happens to be driving at the same time, it will convert your "text" back to "speach" for them.

Brilliant or what? I think I'll call it something like the "Mobile Text", yes that's good, it's got a ring to it that has.

I bought a load of MK light switches which I was convinced would be a good sell…they are still under the stairs with the iPhone 3 covers…

I know Jane, what is he doing ? Promoting entrepreneurial spirit here in France - that's just not cricket!

I'm sure the "François Pays-Bas thought Police" will be after him

Careful here James, the french thought police will be after you, followed in quick succession by the taxmen.

@ Nick. If you buy a Maserati hyou can buy wonderful suitcases that fit the very tiny boot perfectly. We saw some when were queuing for the Tunnel. Tres chic and tres cher je suppose!

here you go

Typical useful invention...

I also woke up in the night once and invented a car that used the heat from the engine to de-ice the road ahead of the next car, but those self centred car manufacturers thought it was too helpful to other road users.

Heh, Nick.. you're on to something. Then, next step might be self-flying luggage to avoid airline baggage fees. That'll sell like hot cakes...

Modular suitcases/storage that actually fit the boot of your car perfectly.when you sell the car, you sell it with them.
It doesn’t move around and you know every time you are going to fit your luggage in.

ah James - Darren and I have these sorts of discussions all the time. Don't ask how many domain names we've registered for our 'middle of the night ideas'. I used to go to bed with a notepad in case I forgot danger of that now I'm awoken at least twice a night. Still, we keep our list for the day we have time to progress some of them!

I know it...It's run by that former Metropolitan Police Commissioner!

There's a place down here is SW France makes Pak-a-macs. What's the place called? Ah yes, Condom.

Doh, forgot Land Rover rugs.

Getting prices in for the 'inflato-blanket' ..and some for a double skinned blow-up ..Pak-a-Macs....keeps to dry and insulated...and when it's not raining you can wear one just for fun.

Ron's getting there: Land Rover rugs, bacon flavoured concrete, Off road Shetland ponies, Surf style art holidays and finally, an inflatable Clive Sinclair to inspire us all!


Just breezed in from another post referring to word-merges.

Looking at you your list, it could be there are some fusion possibilities:

Bacon Rugs

Land Rover polishing

Concrete holidays

Off Road art

Shetland holidays

Surf Style Holidays

Vintage T shirts

Concrete rugs

Hold on there... How about 6'x6' x 1' plastic 'air fillable' groundsheets. Costing a little more than the plastic paint protection sheets you can buy. But here, if you have screeded a hard standing, and it comes on to rain, lay your 'inflato-sheet' over the top! the insulation helps keep the cement moist before setting. and is light enough not to damage the surface.

Where's Clive Sinclair when you need him....hmm could be a Ronco stocking filler!