Get thee to Lidl!

Its “American week” in Lidl starting today and Mr. C (who is quite my favourite member of the household since he can drive and therefore run errands) returned with ten jars of peanut butter. They are big jars, excellent taste and a very reasonable 1,89. My local supermarket charges 3.69 for one half the size which makes it a gourmet treat rather than something you spread on toast. I’m sending him back for marshmallows and donuts later :slight_smile:

No, its in 79 - bit far for the Higginsons je pense

Mauléon I imagine, or a serious cheddar drive.

Mauleon is in the 64 - non?

Look girls, this is how it works on the Lidl front. Not all Lidl’s are in a Brit zone - my Brit free zone is Mauleon. They always have LOADS of everything. It’s a bit further out, but it’s a sure fire way to get all the Cheddar, onion rings/ peanut butter you want. SImples!!

Sorry - I probably bought it all - I came out of there with 22 kilos…:slight_smile:

I shall keep my eye out…last year they had the most fantastic cheddar - it was really strong, tasty and the same price as the cheapest, rubbish, plastic tasteless ‘emmenthal’ . Yum!

Have got Me unto LIDL! 3 portion packs of micro butter popping corn (my girls love popcorn and chick flics) (I think 0.79 cents) peanut butter (thnx Catharine) hamburger relish (will let you know, never tried the stuff) and the frozen Onion rings. Tonight is American night (obv) as my 13yr old just ‘graduated’ from middle school to High school at the International School of Nice, which is a very American thing to do considering we are here in France. I’m in mid diet, so mine will be a caesar salad!

We went in to buy 10 jars of Peanut butter (for making satay etc), and were asked by the lady on the checkout what on earth Peanut Butter was used for - she didn’t seem very impressed when we told her that it was for making a spicy peanut sauce for skewered chicken, or just for eating in sandwiches! I do worry about the French lack of adventure when it comes to food.

Had the peanut butter last year - very good. Also bought the dried cranberries and made them into sauce for Christmas. Its the little things that please now we’re all here living the dream, don’t you think?

Check out the onion rings too :wink: