Get your juices flowing!

Last Christmas I was given a book all about vegetable and fruit juices written by an uber healthy chap called Jason Vale. He maintains that there are fabulous health benefits to be gained from drinking juices made from raw fruit and veg.

I don't remember what prompted me to look into the subject further but I did, and after a couple of weeks I bought an electric juicer. It wasn't cheap, the best part of 200 smackers but I can honestly say it was an excellent purchase. We use it on a daily basis, creating amazing juices from the most unlikely of fruit and veg. For example one of my favourites contains courgette, parsley and avocado. Not something I would have previously thought of as being a sweet tasting juice, more likely a soup.

Well it's not like that at all, these drinks are superb, they are energising and delicious. We did have a juicer a while back, what I recall about it was that it would sit in the cupboard and very occasionally get wheeled out to make a couple of glasses of orange juice. You would then spend the next half an hour washing its associated 300 bits and pieces and remembering why you only used it occasionally.

The one we bought has 5 parts to it and takes about 60 seconds to rinse. Having said that, in the interests of simplification we decided to make a weeks worth of juice today and freeze it. All we have to do is get a bottle out in the evening to defrost for the next day.

I frequently suffered from heart burn probably due to an overly rich diet, since I took up juicing that has stopped and I think that is due to the alkaline properties of the ingredients.

If you want to find out more about it all, have a look at Jason's Juicemaster site here.

This is what I juiced today!

After years of neglecting the blender/juicer and now realising we have two sizes I am fully into it. Neighbours bearing beefsteak tomatoes could get on our nerves but I am now enjoying drinking them. Mostly my own contrivances such as organic yoghourt and tomato, the ubiquitous courgettes that are still being given in sometimes and now the cheap, bruised fruit from the local markets. It has turned me around and I have noticed I am feeling better and beginning to shed some weight and cms...

That's awesome!

We also have a juicer - and my husband was also inspired by Jason's book - but use our blender daily and our juicer only occasionally. It's not hard to clean but makes a lot of pulp for the compost. We just find the blender more convenient, but should use the juicer more often to get more veggies in the mix!

I'm getting a juicer!! That looks really good and I'm tryingf to follow a Naturopathic lifestyle so its all good. Thanks :)

Our Kenwood Chef has a nice big blender/juicer and we just discovered that the blender attachment from our old food processor, also Kenwood, which is half the size also fits on. So that means I can make immediate juices or larger quantities as I please and given that I need to have more in the first steps toward weight loss and fasting, am really chuffed. Courgette, lemon and ginger this evening.

Quickly, it's gorgeous!

How quick can you drink up that juice?

I am inspired - I have a "Superfoods" book somewhere with all sorts of concoctions. Must root it out and see if I can juice some stuff up maybe using a hand blender (haven't the readies for a 'posh' juicer). Superb idea about freezing the surplus. Would never have thought of that!

I have to say I think it's a great healthy idea but I have to admit I've never made any! A few years back I was at a presentation by Jason Vale and he was amazing to watch and listen to. He was so energetic and "alive", quite a departure from what he used to be apparently.

I do juice - but what a fab idea to do a weekly session and then freeze it - you are a genius! I don't have a real juicer, but the centrifugal addition to my Magimix, so again only 5 parts to wash and a decent motor to power it! Happy juicing!