Get your Thermal Underwear out again

Just in case you have been fooled into thinking the cold weather is over… check this out…

That’s quite warm Stella :wink: Our forecast is snow for Sunday and Monday followed by -6° Tuesday ! 'Tis a shame for the wild life and plant life, not to mention those folk sleeping ‘rough’ !
Hope that you keep well and warm …

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We might get a little snow next week, even as far south as the Tarn. But after that it will be spring and then summer :+1::strawberry:

This time last year… we had brimstone butterflies everywhere… not seen any yet…:zipper_mouth_face:

Lets hope that we do,not get the hard frosts that took the fruit buds last year.

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Relativly TROPICAL :smile: for the next week, in SE Morbihan, Brittany, lowest 0° and no snow forecast :+1:

The swallows have arrived this morning😀

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Be careful keep warm Moscow Paris is nearly here ,excuse me it is here it is snowing in ile de france.

Hot water bottles tonight… and/or hot toddies… yum yum

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