Getting a french drivers Licence

Hi me again
I am australian and married to a frenchman. I have a carte de sejour (spouse)
I am wondering if any other Australians who live in France now have a French Drivers Licence? Was it difficult to get?
I’ve been driving in Australia for 38 years and driving in France with an International licence since 2013. The trouble is I have to renew that every 12 months.
Just wondering what the process is to get a french permis conduire - someone told me I will have to give up my Australian licence but that doesn’t seem right.

If you exchange your licence (from anywhere) for a French licence you give up the original.

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This is what you need to do. Hope it helps.

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Surely, an International one would be best if you are possibly going to work in the UK…just a thought… :thinking:

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Asking out of curiosity only - if you take your test again in France, is it possible to wind up with two driving licenses?

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There was an EU Law which prohibited Citizens from holding 2 licences from different countries…

I’ve not heard of it being revoked.


Ah that might be 2006/126/EC - still in force as far as I can see.

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ok i was told that but what happens when I go home for 2 months of the year? I then have to drive in my home on a french licence - maybe I’ll just keep renewing the international one. LOL

thankyou all. I might just keep my australian and international licences and just renew them when i visit home each year.

We have waited over 3 months to hear from them!!! Nothing!

Now doing it that way would logically be the only just about legitimate way of having two!

Well if France is your current home there is no problem having a French licence even in Australia I should think.