Getting betting acc money from the UK to France without a UK bank account

My boyfriend has money in a BetVictor (betting) account in the UK, but the currency is in Euros. He doesn't have a UK bank account and since last year, BetVictor do not allow you to transfer out of the country (in this case the UK). He can't transfer to anyone else's name except his own. Does anyone have any ideas as to how he can get access to his money and as quickly as possible? (Yes, I do keep telling him he should have sorted this out sooner as there was probably due notice about the changes!) So far he has signed up online (yesterday) for a HSBC account so that he can then open a UK HSBC account, but this may take some time as that means opening two accounts, with associated paperwork etc. He's also looked at Think (RBS online acc). I'm worried that, even if he gets the HSBC UK account, BetVictor may query the fact that he has a French address, plus he will have to exchange his money into pounds to put it into the new UK acc and then back into Euros to bring it to France! All bloody ridiculous if you ask me and a situation I am sure could easily have been avoided, but hey ho! Any advice most welcome!

You're not allowed to watch BBCiPlayer if you live in France either, but you can! ;) Lol!

If he lives in France he is not allowed to bet in the UK. I also think that there would be tax to pay here in France if he brought the money over here.

Paypal might be the best true. Its the easiest way to add different bank accounts.
You may also look in STRIPE if you have any issues.

Good luck! Cheers

Thanks for this - we looked at Entropay last night after seeing your post. It seems that it's a virtual card only so I don't know how you'd withdraw cash. We will try the Paypal route I think. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for this info Valerie. He has a Neteller account but has spent the last 5 months trying to get a new card after losing his and they just don't seem to be sending them (but they are charging him a tenner each time!)! I've told him to try one last time. Maybe the best thing is to open a Paypal account. We shall look into it. Thank you again - great info! (Is this from the BetVictor site?)

Does he have a UK address - wothout one I don't beleive they will open him a UK bank account

"Your can withdraw your winnings using the following methods: Debit cards (Delta, Switch, Electron and Solo), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), E-Wallets (Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, etc) and bank wire transfers or BACS for UK residents. Generally you can withdraw your winnings via the method you deposited. They are now able to pay winnings back to Visa or MasterCards issued at most banks and countries. Funds should be credited back to your card within six working days of the request being made. There is no charge for this service."

They should accept all of these (credit cards, Paypal etc) but he may have to scan/submit several ID documents as they're obliged to follow money laundering rules.

he can't transfer the money to some virtual account ? like a rechargeable credit card registered in his name?

If that would be the case he could transfer that money in the card and then retrieve it in France. There might be a small commission involved but it could be the quickest option ever.

I'm not knowledgable of UK Virtual Cards... ENTROPAY falls in mind. Good luck :! :)