Getting iplayer on smart TV

(geoff faulkner) #1

has anyone figured out yet how to watch iplayer on their smart TV.?

I don't mean using a computer or other device to relay it to the TV - I mean just using the tv



(Didier Keller) #2

Sky TV is received through satellite dish. It is the on-demand and other services which require an ethernet cable to work (this also proves you're in the UK and able to receive that service)

I have fitted a wifi capability to the decoder.

I know I do need IP Vanish to set up my D-link router because at the moment my secondary network still shows a local IP.

(James Higginson) #3

Didier, is you Sky box using an internet connection to stream content? Haven't had Sky for about 10 years, we had a satellite dish for it then. You can try the new router by connecting something to it via ethernet and then using this page to check if it is giving out IP addresses in the UK range, if not you will need IP Vanish to help you. Strong VPN customer service is partly the reason I ended up with them by the way. I tried a few before that.

(Didier Keller) #4

Thanks James. Yes the D-Link is currently connected to the Livebox via an ethernet cable, All I need now is to get this new box properly set up. Until now, I had not noticed anything because I was using IP Vanish only through my PC (which i now realise is something I could have been done through the Livebox anyway.) It is only when I recently tried to connect my Sky decoder to this second that I realised Sky would not offer the on-demand service as it still recognise my IP as a French one.

Strangely enough, I used Strong VPN before and they were so perfect trying to help me. I haven't had this amount of assistance yet with IP Vanish. Just waiting for their reply to my request to help me set it up... let's see...

(James Higginson) #5

Your new d-link router should be connected to the Livebox via an ethernet cable. With the correct VPN setup you'll end up with your normal Livebox router using French IP address and your new router using UK IP's (or wherever you choose in fact) IP Vanish should remotely set this up for you (if it's not already). You just connect to whichever router you want. I have this running on my network and it work fabulously! I'm using Strong VPN, your VPN provider matters a lot as their servers dictate your connection speed to some extent. Hope that helps?

(Didier Keller) #6

James, you offered assistance with setting up a DD-WRT flashed router, so I humbly come back for help.

I have joined IP Vanish and obtained a D-Link router from the US which has been flashed with DD-WRT software. So far, I have no problem using IP Vanish through my PC, but this does not seem to affect the second network. What I would like to achieve is to have a new ISP (preferably a UK one) automatically every time I switch it on, as my second network (The first network being my Orange Livebox which can't be altered.)

I wonder if you could suggest any way to achieve this, (not necessarily in too many details, so as not to take too much of your time), but rather by explaining what needs to be done with the process .

Many thanks !

(Didier Keller) #7

Yes, I should have thought of switching all internet connections off, the strange thing is that I was connected with the new network with Linksy and I assumed that would do...

Meanwhile I have ordered a DD-WRT flashed D-link DIR-615 from the US. Wait & see !

Thanks for your good advice, James.

(James Higginson) #8

To flash the DD-WRT build on to the router you just need an ethernet cable from your PC or laptop to the router, there is no need to involve any other equipment at this stage. The simpler, the better! If you have the correct build for the router it's an easy job. The wrong build or some interruption during the process could indeed brick it.

(Didier Keller) #9

Well James, I promised to revert to you, so here are the results of my first attempt with a Linksys e1200 v2.0 (which i managed to obtain from Amazon for 23€ !)

I installed it fine as a router. Then problems started when I needed to do the tricks. Firstly, the address I was given, being the same as my Orange Livebox, I kept getting many unwanted interferences from the Livebox internet connection.

I did a first attempt at flashing it with DD-WRT, which ended badly when (once again) my Livebox cut in at the end of the first of 2 flashes, creating an interruption which became fatal, having lost, basically, the Linksys (bricked ? I don't know) Anyway, I contacted Cisco who, over 1 hour on the phone to the US, managed to put me back on track. Once again, the router was fine as a router.

So I went for my second attempt at flashing DD-WRT (using the new network, having left the Orange behind.) Again I managed to flash the first part in and... bang ! Cut out, interruption from Orange, as I was attempting to recontact DD-WRT for the second part. Another brick ? Certainly lost the Cisco micro-logiciel.

I know very well that I know nothing, but I was not about to go through this again. Amazon has accepted my return of their router (!) and I am just going to buy another one with DD-WRT already installed.

I just don't understand what happens with the communication with the DD-WRT website after the first bit has been flashed (obviously, at this point you have a non-working router) that makes the connection jump -at the crucial time when you have been WARNED not to interrupt the process. Just too complicated for me !

Also, as a note to anyone trying to flash their router, I found three different pieces of advice on the net, all different one from the other, of course, very confusing. Shame the router price seemed right at 23€. Another similar router already flashed with DD-WRT is normally more expensive (but I found a Linksys WRT54G v6 Wireless Router DD-WRT Bridge Installed for approx £53 from the US) so I will try that. I am thinking also of getting a DD-WRT NETGEAR ROUTER OPENVPN from the UK for £29/)

I was told by Strong VPN that they supply routers, with Sabai technology, which they find better than DD-WRT, but I think that, for us in Europe, the price becomes exhorbitant after adding shipping & customs costs, taking you to near 100€.

Any comments you may have are welcome !

Will keep you posted...

(Michael Jackson) #10

2 Questions to you knowledgable folk ....Anybody using tunnelbear and know if the setup via dd-wrt router would work ? I guess I could just try looking at my dns when connected to tunnelbear. In simple terms what is the difference firmware of dd-wrt than a bog standard router ? Alternatily .. i might be able to install tunnelbear app on chromecast and then run that way...

(James Higginson) #11

Yes Didier, please do, happy to be of assistance.

(Didier Keller) #12

OK, thanks I found a link from Linksys which explains how to do it.

One last point, if I may...

You state : "You'll also need to know how to alter a few setting on the DD-WRT router such as the IP address and default gateway."

May I contact you again when I have the E1200 in hand ?

Tanks for your help, yes, I am determined to get there, miss many options on the Sky box since leaving the Old Albion !

(James Higginson) #13

Didier, I admire your tenacity! There are two versions of the E1200, one has twice as much RAM as the other which will be required to accommodate the appropriate DD-WRT build. This is the one I bought.

It does not come with DD-WRT, you'll have to get that on it yourself deleting the stock firmware in the process. It's no big deal, Im sure you can handle it!

(Christine Borrow) #14

Hi - Interesting thread, thanks.

As for us we've been using the Chromecast key that links our pc to the TV. Works ok but a bit less in the evening, I've noticed. Also best to turn off any other wified gadgets ( phones, etc) for the signal to be stronger.

The Chromecast key plugs in your TV and talks with your pc very easily. It's been available for about 11 months on Amazon.

Et voilà !

(Didier Keller) #15

Thanks James, you have whetted my appetite and will proceed as I can... following the recipe, of course !

I saw a Linksys E1200-EW Routeur WiFi N300 from Amazon (at around 30 euros) but realise from your post that it may not have the all important DD-WRT (that one costs more like 80+ euros) Would either of them do ?

Once I have your answer on this ingredient I will follow the recipe and contact StrongVPN.

(James Higginson) #16

You will need to be able to flash a router such as the Cisco E1200 v2 with DD-WRT firmware and connect it to your existing router (Orange Livebox in your case). You'll also need to know how to alter a few setting on the DD-WRT router such as the IP address and default gateway. Once you've done that, contact StrongVPN or whoever your preferred VPN provider is and they will tell you how to set it up. In fact StrongVPN set mine up remotely which makes life a lot easier!

It sounds complicated but if you can follow a recipe and bake a cake you should be ok :)

If I haven't already put you off, feel free to ask any more questions you might have!

(Didier Keller) #17

Hi James, this is interesting. In the past, I have used StrongVPN on my PC, which enabled me to view, say, BBC programmes on my PC. But I would like to do same with Sky on my SkyBox and, of course, connecting the box with a LAN cable to my home network won't do, because only my PC has a changed address, not the Livebox.

Would you be so kind as to describe your set up in details for me ? I understand that one could install a second router in-between (my server is Orange) with a different DNS but I am not very literate in this matter...

I hope I have been clear enough... You can message me, if you prefer. Thanks in advance.

(Cory Bixler) #18

I use SFR box, powerline adapters, with a Android computer connected to my TV. It's been a struggle to get most of the Android VPN apps to work. Most of the goggle TV apps (US and UK) do not work well either. It would be nice if there were a hardware solution to Geo-IP tracking. Do you know of any easy way? I am a bit confused with some of the discussion adding a second router and changing DNS's

(Cory Bixler) #19

Jim, How do you configure the VPN on your router? I currently run Hola, & etc. on my Android computer connected to my TV but would love to eliminate the computer.

(geoff faulkner) #20

hi Julian

how about this one

cheap it is. I don't know if it has what you suggested - but in fact I want only bbc iplayer - I don't even want live TV so do you think this will do it - or do I pay twice this and go for the one you proposed?