Getting My Carte Vitale?

I just moved to France about 5 months ago, and have things pretty much settled, but I still need to get my Carte Vitale and, to be honest, I’m pretty confused as to how to go about it. Can you guys let me know what you have to do, or what agency you have to see, to get this done?

Hello - maybe this is slightly off-topic - but… can anyone tell me how long it will take to generate my Social Security number? The application for one was made on Jan 26th this year… just not sure how long it will take, as I kind of need it for some work that has just come up. Thanks in advance! C

Nope, you’ve got it all covered. Welcome to France!

If you have an attestation with a social security number, you needent “worry” as far as being covered goes. It’s less convenient, but you can claim back medical care from CPAM. However, I’d just pop down to CPAM if I were you - I found them very helpful and they won’t mind you going there at all. I’d advise going between 12 and 2 - no-one seems to go then! :slight_smile:

Hi Donald,
You didn’t mention if you already had your carte sejour, but if not, you need to get that first. If you need that process let me know and I’ll tell how I went about it. Also, you mentioned that your wife wasn’t an American citizen. If she’s French, you have a couple of advantages, albeit small ones.
If you do have your carte sejour, then you need to do several other steps afterwards. Your carte vitale comes from Social Security here in France, but 1st you have to go to OFII (Immigration Office) for an interview, a physical, and an appt for a “culture assimilation day” and a date for you to start French classes.
Yes, it’s a big deal, but I have to say it’s nothing like the circle-jerk American Immigration puts foreigners through.