Getting out of the ground

An update on where we are with the house, I think last time I blogged with photos we were pouring foundations, well since then we've built upon these rather hefty solid masses and are now out of the ground with two new solid floors and a few new supporting walls...![](upload://TTs823zHpOR8mFm0LCeE6FaCln.jpg)

The lower part of the new stairs wall has gone up. ![](upload://ghbYdZuvj39beLWrmgNnjfoA96i.jpg)This is the view from the front of the house as the rear wall goes up inside

Time to raise the levels and add some gravel (tout venant) before prepping the new concrete floor (dalle)

The plumber’s been in too…

In goes the Damp Proofing and the iron work ready for the concrete:

et voila a nice shiny new floor (complete with builder’s pretty table, chairs, microwave & cool box - they certainly dine in style here!)

Next job - walls!