Getting set up on the health system

Dear members. I have finally received my family's S1 forms from HMRC and want to set up our health care cover in France. I have spoken to the Ameli english helpline and they advise me that I need to send the S1 forms along with the originals of our birth certificates and a professional translation of the certificates to the nearest office in Montpellier. As I am sure a lot of you have had to go through this procedure before, could you please advise me if you had to find a professional translater acceptable to CPAM or whether you just got any local french translation company to do it. Also what is the best way to protect our documents as I am concerned that I am having to send originals in the post - you can probably tell this is my first bit of real administration here! Many thanks for any advice

Hello there

Shame they are insisting on a professional translation - my local CPAM were happy with photocopies of my brit versions/certificates

Andrew is right in that you need a sworn translator. There is a highly recommended one on SFN called Sarah Wafflard. I am a relocation consultant/translator and although I have never used her, my clients have and say she is efficient and not too costly. If you tap her name into the search box you should get to her page

A client of mine scanned/emailed across her certificates (so no need to post originals) to Sarah and received her sworn copies by return email. This should be fine for French admin - I was dealing with my client's arrival in France admin and there was no problem in presenting a print out of the translation. Plus all 'traducteurs assermentés' are court registered to easy to check up on should French admin have any doubts

And as Andrew says the SFN links page is very good whatever service you are after

Bon chance and don't hesitate to post if you have questions - everyone is very helpful here!

the translator needs to be assermenté, others have asked the same question and I seem to recal that there are links in the useful links page.

Bonne chance ;-)