Getting Started - Project/Site manager

Hi, my name is Steven Hector and I've just joined today. Not a member of Twitter, Facebook etc so not too familiar with all this. We have a property near Forges Les Eaux in Haute Normandy and have been trying to start building for the last 4 years. Between the Mairie, architects, planning permission, being made redundant and having another 2 kids, I think we might be back on track. The only problem is trying to find an english speaking project manager. We started taking french lessons as soon as we bought the property and were doing really well. But with all the problems and delays we soon lost enthusiasm, thinking it would be easier to learn while living there.

We have permission to build a small log cabin (6x8m) as there are no other amenities i.e. toilet, warm water and is very difficult to stay and work on the property (especially with 3 young boys), and B&Bs cost a fortune. We would like to have the septic tank, filter bed and rainwater harvesting put in at the same time so the cabin can be useable as soon as it is built. This takes time, so we can't be there for the duration of the build (I'm guessing around 1-2 weeks).

If anyone out there is or knows of a site manager local to Forges Les Eaux, I would be very glad to hear from them.

You can post or email me at

Hopefully this is how this forum works, apologies if I haven't quite grasped the concept.

Hi Steven & welcome. If you can grasp the concept of this place within a few months you're a better bloke than me:-)

It's a great but slightly quirky place where you will hopefully get all the help & friendship you need. Don't worry too much about how things work here. They just do! I'm the bloke who is always banging on about people not posting photos so how's about one from you?