Gilets jaunes : Édouard Philippe suspend le nouveau contrôle technique

Well, this is a turn up!!

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Well, having put a new CT in place this year… doing another change next year might well strike some folk as too much…

It would not let me into the link… to see what “will be changing” January 2019… that now “will not be changing”…

Can you tell us a little more please… Mandy… ??

It just says the new CT will be suspended for a period of 6 months. There’s very little detail.

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Fair enough… I’m wanted at the Mairie… when I get back, I’ll have a look to see if I can dig anything out from the older reports…


A little more here. It’s only just happened so probably more details to come.

This was published in June 2018 and outlines the new legislation for 2019 (well it outlines some of it)…

The support for the “yellow jackets” is still alive and well in my area…I nipped to the supermarket today…every car van and lorry I passed had a yellow waistcoat on the dashboard…in the supermarket car park I would say it’s still over 75% of vehicles are in support…when I came out there were two elderly ladies putting their shopping in the boot of the car…both front seats had a yellow waistcoat draped over them…

A small business near me has a yellow waistcoat tied around one of his gateposts…

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Do you interpret this as support, or people being prepared to try to get past a roadblock?


Support…without a doubt…locally we’re not gridlocked or blockaded any more…x :slight_smile: .

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It was a genuine question without inference - we are flying over on Friday for the weekend - Is it worth bringing a yellow vest for the dashboard of our hire car?

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My gilet jaune is fitted over the back of the passenger seat. I support the right to legal manifestation… I do not support violence/vandalism/intimidation etc… I merely have the GJ in plain sight…

A roundabout near us… which is a major 4-way access … has been blocked since that first Saturday… every blasted day… with a great deal of inconvenience and delay… as well as intimidation and bully-boy tactics…

Speaking with people in shops and out and about… folk are fed up with rising costs. They feel that there has been more damage caused by Nationals… than by terrorism… (their words not mine)…which has blackened the original message of the GJaunes… the ordinary folk are appalled at what has happened in Paris and elsewhere… and want it to stop.

That is the message from my part of this green and pleasant land…


I would Mat…the vast majority in the movement are peaceful and from all age groups and all walks of life…they’re standing in unity against a capitalist out of touch with reality slavery system…x :slight_smile:

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A GJaune is a legal requirement and should be inside every car (not in the boot). Feel free to tuck one in your baggage, although the Hire Company should have it as part of the package (I would have thought)… as with the warning triangle for breakdowns…


Incidentally… I have been chuckling as I read that there will be a Manifestation against Pollution… this Saturday… as folk do not think the Government is taking it seriously enough. :zipper_mouth_face:

Despite the fact that the new 2019 CT rules were being tightened to reduce pollution… and this has now been put on hold… as an appeasement to the GJaune manifestions…

The world has gone mad… :zipper_mouth_face:


Does it have to be yellow? At least one of my high viz waistcoats is daglo orange.

The Jilly Jones will just think you’re Dutch.

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:sunglasses::sunglasses: I’ve never argued the point with the gendarmes… :laughing::laughing::laughing: the idea is for people to be highly visible to traffic/road users if the vehicle breaks down…

The ones that are sold in all the popular shops… are the thin yellow slip-overs… tiny enough to be tucked all the time in a vehicle… waiting for the moment when they might be needed… giving folk no excuse to NOT to have one inside the car… :thinking:
If your vehicle breaks down and you slip your dayglo orange on… it should have the same effect as the GJ… ie… make you highly visible to traffic…and hopefully avoid being hit… :thinking:

If the gendarmes do a spot-check on your vehicle/you… perhaps you can let us know the outcome…:wink:

The orange ones are standard in Germany. I was just wondering if there was anything that stated that they had to be yellow. I’ve never thought about it before, I’ve always carried a high viz vest in my vehicles, it just happens to be that some of them are orange not yellow. They do exactly the same job.

I can’t see there being a problem, provided it is kept in the car and not in the boot… it would surely have to be a very pedantic person who took you to task over it…:wink: (but I’ve not looked at the official wording)

It’s the colour not the location that’s the problem although the one for the motorcycle is always going to be less accessible than those in a car.