GJ current status & travel plans

Anyone know if I can expect any delays Ouistreham to Caen and south on the A84 through Rennes and on towards Redon tomorrow?

Paul, I was on the Caen peripherique and the A84 on Friday last week and there were no hold ups at all, although my southbound A84 turn-off was 44 to Vire/St Lo. But things have been very quiet in Basse Normandie since November 17.

Hope you have a smooth passage!

OK, thanks Peter.

I think it’s so funny…
While the silly johnies are freezing their knackers off blocking roundabouts, M. le president has been seen in warmer climes in St Tropez for the holiday break :rofl:

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Are you there yet?

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Yes, thanks.

The only gilets jaunes - or any other colour for that matter - have been the odd one still on display in people’s cars.

Chimney swept as well :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Good to know you met with no resistance :relieved: had my fingers crossed.

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Wot! by the silly joneses??

That would be… interesting!

It was a comment referring back to a conversation about ramonage a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

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