Global gangsterism - an irreversible trend?

I know I tend to over-statement, but the deeply respectable transatlantic commentator and actor Bonny Greer, speaking on CNN today, suggested that the world was being wrested from democratic politics by a handful of powerful gangsters, like Trump and the Saudi “King” and his murderous son, who believe that the world and its myriad peoples, were theirs to play with, to exploit, and to destroy; and that absolute power will never be snatched from their hands.

All reasonable dissent can be silenced, publicly humiliated, or killed and dismembered with impunity. Because there is no-one who can call them out, fracture the carapace of collusion and corruption they have erected, destroy their hideous engine of militarism and death, and restore justice and peace to the suffering people of the world.

I have said that I believe that the House of Saud will one day fall, and that there will a blood bath like that which overtook the Tsarist aristocracy, the storming of the Bastille, and the Great Fear insurgency that purged France of its feudal kleptocracy and installed republicanism. May that day dawn soon! If giving my own pitiable life would hasten it, I would wiilingly surrender it tomorrow.

He is losing his investors in his scheme to diverge from the reliance in oil.
Public humiliation, brilliant.

You mean the “Crown Prince” in both your references, Jane?

I don’t see the humiliation. “Secretary of State” Pompei, he of the sh*t-eating diplomatic smile, would have kissed the “Royal” boots if Trump had asked him to, and Trump would have licked them.

The President has even had the effrontery to compare the “Crown Prince” to Kavanaugh. Some humiliation!

Yes, the latest to pull out is Christine La Garde from the IMF.
To quote the King when it seems apparent that he is not aware of what is going on his day to day life is laughable.
I totally agree with your connection with Kavanagh, indeed I made the same one myself.
Let us hope that the international outcry will be strong enough to shut up the trumpeting Trump.