Glyphosate - danger

(stella wood) #1

(John Scully) #2

Well that’s cheered us all up :roll_eyes:

(stella wood) #3

Sorry John… but I was somewhat seething when I put the post… 'cos someone I know is still using banned substances… 'cos they don’t see why anyone should tell them what they cannot do… :zipper_mouth_face: and, I fear, they are not the only ones… :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

(Jane Williamson) #4

That is part of Liberte.
It applies particularly to cars.
How they drive them, use their 'phones, wear their seat belts etc.
Also declaring extra income.
We have found that it is a particularly French attitude.

(John Withall) #5

Maybe now it’s been found in our food people may wake up to the dangers?

(Richard Carpenter) #6

I somehow doubt it.
And if there are any of the 17 million people that voted for Brexit here thinking that getting a new trade deal with the US is going to solve the potential food shortages just bear in mind that in the states big business tends to control the food standards legislation and effectively keeps the poisons in not out of the food.

(Teresa Shipley) #7

Apparently France use 25% of all the pesticides used in the EU.

(John Withall) #8

That’s shocking, 27 members and one uses 25%!

(Timothy Cole) #9

France produces nearly a quarter of the food consumed in the EU.

(John Withall) #10

Can you back that up? I could only find some stats but your point would seem logical. Just need them to alter their practices to better methods. Those pesticides come back to haunt us!

(Teresa Shipley) #11

(Timothy Cole) #12

Should have said produces only and not consumed.