Gmail bulk emails

Hi I have a data list of just under 200 names and send out emails with info and newsy bits. Gmail doesn't like this idea and without fail always sends back, ALL the emails.. every now and again I get one by them, but only by changing the title, or the content, or the typestyle.. why oh why does this happen. The frustration is sending my blood pressure through the roof, and I have never sworn soooo much EVER!

I looked on the forum and all the advice is talking techno babble.. and I'm not a techno sort of person. Is there anyone out there that has a cure for this frustrating occurrence in words that I can understand.. please!!!
All help welcomed.. jx

thanks will do.. I am currently under gin sedation after a day of computer v jan.. computer wins hands down, maybe tomorrow when I feel less STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry sorry... more gin! xx

if you want to test it you can use my address syates(AT)wanadoo(DOT)fr

thanks Steve, have managed, eventually, to import my contacts list into mailchimp. Took an age and blood pressure through the roof but I think I've done it.. off for soothing tea... or bottle of Gin!!

I've tried to understand the page you have mentioned.. to no avail.. have given up and now grappling with mail chimp.. blood pressure rising rapidly!!!

thanks anyway

Mailchimp is a platform for sending out newsletters. For small quantities like you have it is free. You can compose the email you want with pictures in it and Mailchimp does the rest. From your account you can see how many emails get opened, how many are not delivered etc. Recipients do have the possibility to delete their names from your list if they want. I used it for a local company selling motorbike spares and they were very impressed

Here is a simple Gmail piece on why it may be rejected (it's spam essentially).

They have a contact point in here if you're legit. May help you.

thanks James but mailchimp means nothing to me.. do I feed it, eat it or put it in a zoo??

many thanks for taking the time to reply and happy Google could help you, I have googled until I am blue.. lots of gobbledy gook answers that makes no sense to me are all I can find. I've left messages and sent emails but to no avail.. there are hundreds of people on the different forums with the same problem and it seems google aren't prepared to do anything about it. I have created a google list which took an age, and that is why I am so cross that the emails keep coming back!

bye for now jx

I suggest you Google it. Write an ultra succinct expression of what you want to do, like "how to create mailing lists on gmail", or "gmail is sending back all my emails from my mailing list", or "how to create groups on gmail". I wonder if the solution is to create a Group, e.g. the group of 200 e-mail addresses that all receive your newsletter, call it e.g. 'News Mailing List'. I hope this helps. [I use Yahoo, not gmail]. Someone out has had the same problem and posted a solution: use Google it is wonderful, I used it for "how to remove rear plastic bumper on Golf Mk 4". I got my answer in the form of a fantastic YouTube vid. that showed me where ALL the weird nuts, bolts, screws and fixings were!