Goats needing new home

I have 7 goats that I need to rehome.
Strictly for pets/breeding or milking. Not for meat!!
Please message if you are interested

whereabouts are you ?

I am in haute vienne

Can’t help with the goats… sorry.

just wondering if you have been making goats’ cheese with the milk ??? or what else you had them for… ???

:goat: Plenty of other uses too using their dung as fuel just being one! :grinning:

They are pets

Yes we use the manure for veggie plot its great

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Ah… so you would be looking for someone who simply wants them to keep the land clear and provide dung… ???

What age are these goats ??? Just wondering if they too old to provide milk/cheese…??

(I know folk who keep goats for their milk and cheese, as well as keeping the weeds down… :upside_down_face:. The children named the “naughtiest” one after me… :rofl: :rofl:)

The 4 adult females are 3 years old i have milked them. when they had their babies.
The youngsters were born 2018. They are 2 females and a castrated buck.

Well, that should surely interest someone. I do hope they find another home soon…

I will make enquiries hereabouts, just in case someone has some room.

Goats can stay in milk for a couple of years after kidding but not always and if you want milk on a longer term basis they have to have kids, and then what do you do with them?

Me… I do nothing…

We have several people around here who do keep goats and provide milk and cheese all year round… it is their source of income. They obviously know how to keep the system working… :hugs: … there are goats of all ages within the group… and presumable some get sold-on.

But the goats are treated like their own children… ie lots of love and attention.

That’s kind of you. Thanks :blush: