Going back to UK

Morning All

A friend needs to travel by car and tunnel back to the UK on Sunday.

Are there any issues at the moment, apart from needing an attestation and going into isolation when back in the UK ?

Which box do you tick on the Attestation ?



Surely it depends on why one is going back… or going anywhere… :thinking:

I reckon it could be one of several… from number 3 onwards… depending on the reason…

but not 6 or 9 (I really don’t think either of those will work…)

Edit: is the person NOT resident in France ?? thus going home after a visit ???

Good Morning Stella

He is not French resident.

He has been over here for several months( before lockdown) working on his house and is going home for Xmas.



My two friends went from their holiday home in Suaux to Scotland without any problems last week.

As far as I know you still have to quaranntine on arrival. France is not on the uk travel corridor list.

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