Going Christmas Crackers for Rescue and Rehoming Charity Chats du Quercy

Last year I went really crackers making these! They went down so well that I am needing advance orders to enable time to fulfil.

Everyone commented on how lovely they were, well presented and much better quality to the normal ones.

I also include a french and english joke so you can share them with all of your friends.

20€ includes postage

Call me on 05 63 94 73 97 or contact through the Chats du Quercy website


Apologies, I know its too early to think of christmas and I’m the first one to be ‘baa-humbuging’ but time isn’t what I have a lot of! Every cent (apart from postage) goes to Cat rescue and Rehoming Charity, Chats du Quercy

Thanks Catharine,

I forgot to mention that if your are very particular or just want things to be extra special and perfect!, colour schemes can be matched - usually!!

I bought a box of these last year and have already ordered two boxes for this Christmas! They are beautifully made and a really excellent addition to the table. Highly recommended!