Going from AE to a CDI

Hi there,

Has anyone gone from being AE to having a full time contract (CDI)?

I have by Carte Vitale finally and do I need to change from RAM to CPAM or does that happen automatically? Please say I don't have to furnish translated birth certificates!

I will probably leave the AE open for a bit (until they decide to start charging CFE for it!) unless there is some disadvantage to doing so.


It's a good job you are a bloke Tim, if you are a married woman you have to supply your maiden name as well.

Well CPAM called and said to call RSI. But RSI said to call RAM.

Called RAM and the lady said she didn't have the expertise (full points for honesty) and someone will call back on Xmas Eve (ho ho ho)

But she seemed to understand what I wanted at least.

Perhaps you just forgot to send them your photo!:-))

Well we went to CPAM today:

Executive summary - About to enter 12th circle of hell. Which will possibly result in my current (hard fought for) Carte Vitale being cancelled and having to go through the whole birth certificate, apostille, translation BS.

Lady at CPAM is supposed to call us back.

I bloody hate this place.

As with everything in France, yes, best contact them yourself. Amongst all the usual stuff, I also had to take in my work contract to the CPAM (back in 2005) to get my first carte vitale :-O

So do I have to apply to CPAM myself? Confused as to what happens...And afraid of the amount of rainforest that will disappear due to this.

yes they do, but I had an old one so they used that as a reason to change it - the omd one continued working no problem but the change took a good year, and another change within the RSI has taken a year and is just about sorted but not quite but we're getting there. My OH went from the MSA to the RSI and there again the change has taken ages, 18 months later she still isn't registered with the CAF for our kids because the MSA still haven't "released" her from their system - no benefits envolved but it cocks up so much paperwork and this isn't an expat thing; she's French as are our kids, it happens to everyone! and yes she had to change her old carte vitale for a new one too...!

I thought the CV stayed the same, they just changed who pays?

I went the other way (CPAM to RSI at the start of the AE scheme, and then from RSI AE to RSI commer├žant) each change took over a year and each time the new carte vitale took as long!

Bonne chance ;-)