Going on holiday alone? You need one

My latest bizarre and yet strangely effective holiday 'must have' is the Back Bliss Lotion and Cream applicator. I was initially sceptical when one turned up for me to try but I can report that it does actually work.

Mums out there will relate to the fact that it it nice to go to the beach and be able to apply sun cream to your own back without having to ask either the kids (who invariably have sandy hands and no, I didn't want a full back exfoliation...) or one's partner (who's probably fallen asleep anyway).

Anyone on their own will also find this a huge boon, not just for sun cream but for any kind of body lotions or skin care products. And it is absolutely fantastic for people who have upper body mobility issues as it enables you to 'reach' further than you could otherwise.

The pads are washable ( I can't tell you how easy they are to change as I haven't bothered to change mine yet due to the torrential rain we have been having) and every applicator comes with a spare. I've mainly used mine to apply body lotion and it's very nice to use. I've hard good reports on the backscratchers too but for me, being able to apply sun screen and body lotion to my back easily is the main benefit.

"Gerra life" comes to mind, Catherine!

Elaine just click on of the links to the site and you can buy direct ( I was sent one)

John - great idea - presumably you can also go for a stippled effect?!

I used a radiator roller, long handled mini roller.did fine no need to purchase yet another thing.

Where did you buy this Catherine? It’s just what I’ve been searching for (for years!).