Going Rate For A Self-Employed Business Consultant In Paris?

Can anyone tell me the typical hourly & daily rates for a business consultant in Paris?

As I have a friend who may about to be doing some self-employed work in Paris but is not familiar with the going rates in Paris & France in general.

How do the rates compare wih London & the UK which my friend is more familiar with?

Also, my friend as already registered as an Auto-Entrepreneur (AE) in France.

Any guidance would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for any responses.

It imagine must depend on the field of expertise.
I work for a large Construction, Energies & Facilities Management company as a Works Project Manager (Maitre d’oeuvre) also as a BIM Manager (Building information modeling) The rate I have to quote for consulting / commissioning etc is +/- 800-900€ a day. I also buy in for specialist projects expert consultants at 1 350€ per day.
If you really want to know a ball park figure send out a false tender to the competition ask them to quote. The spectrum, small start-up, small to large & very large companies.
As for Auto-Entrepreneur status, I think the limit one can earn is very limited before changing the status of the business.

Surely a business consultant should know this sort of thing?



Hi Howard…

Is this, perhaps, a first-step by your friend, into the Business Consultancy world ?:thinking:

It very much depends upon the location, type and level of consultancy.
It is rather more complex than the graded levels for teaching.

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Graded levels for teaching? Not how it works here.

A self-employed business consultant should know what he or she charges, surely? I thought they charged what they thought they could get away with, rather like the brokers I used to do business with in India, and rather like me back in Europe negotiating my bonus :wink:

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Thanks to Warren and others for your very helpful responses. Much appreciated.

My friend has plenty of consultancy experience outside of France.
But was concerned they woud be under-selling themselves in Paris, hence my post here.

Warren - Thanks for your very helpful and detailed reply.

That is a very good point you make about the AE earning limits.
I had not considered that and will pass this point on to my friend.

Thanks again!

They also have to take into account what the market will bear.

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Glad to be of some help. What your post had to do with Teaching & the price of chips. I’ve no idea?
Someone new to a country, setting up as a self-employed business consultant has to do the ground work as regards business cost, pricing & potential market. I can see your friend is looking into the pricing aspect. Good luck to him/her. Sending out Tender offers is after all market recherche.