Good bye and thank you

Thank you Gerry Marsden for your great vocals.
Take your ferry across the Mersey.


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There are worse places to end up in than New Brighton or Birkenhead, one supposes. :thinking::end:


Just to to stir the East Lancs Rd you-know-what, here’s a piece from the Man Evening News that explains how the Stretford End began singing YNWA after the 1958 Munich tragedy,

Nevertheless, the Kop do it very well (for Scousers…)

And that comment is a valuable contribution because…???

This song may have been sung ONCE at MUFC but Gerry Marsden and LUFC made it their own and that will never be taken away from them. One of the best songs ever. RIP Gerry Marsden the ferries across the Mersey still remember you.

Wouldn’t disagree, but it’s a nice wind-up!

Maybe just that Gerry had a great voice and I for one will remember him for that.