Good Home Urgently Required For Lovely Resucue Dog

We are urgently trying to find a good home for a dog who was abandoned on the roadside & took up residence on our door mat! We have taken all the necessary steps to try and located the owner but to no avail.

The dog is a wire haired terrier - the softerst and most loving animal we have ever known! He is fully house trained and an absolute delight to be around.

Unfortunately work & home circumstances mean that we are unable to adopt the dog permanently and are desperate to find him a good home.

The vet has given him a full check and clean bill of health. He estimates the age to be 4 or 5 years old.

If you are looking for a companion or family pet or know of anyone who may be able to help then please get in touch.

See photo attached

Many thanks.

Hi Edwin
These dogs are often used for hunting.It may be worth asking the local hunters if they know of anyone who has recently lost their dog.


Hi Suzie

Thanks for the info on the breed. You are right - he is certainly the kindest & sweetest dog I have ever known & I wish we were in a position to adopt him!


Hi Lynn

Thanks for the message and the useful contacts. We have already tried some but will follow up withthe others.


Hi Edwin
It’s a “basset fauve de bretagne”,I used to have one ,He died last year aged 16.They are probably one of the kindest ,sweetest dogs around.Mine unfortunately did have a habit of running off and getting lost.I agree with Lynn ,it could be possible that he is genuinely lost.Hope something turns up for him because they really are great companions.

Hi Edwin,
Where are you?
Have you tried Phoenix in the Dordogne(0553549481) or Poor paws in the Lot(0565245303) or Coup de Patte also in the Lot but near to Figeac ( or for older dogs
You have probably done this, but take the dog to the vet just to check if he/she has a microchip and inform the mairie.
There is a website where you can list the dog as being found, you never know, he could be genuinely lost!
Best of luck