Good News and generosity in 2020

Just had to say something. Your poor little post looks so lonely all on its own there. . . . . :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

It’s enough that 41 people have seen the good news… but thanks for the thought… :upside_down_face: We need a little gladness in these troubled times.

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Too true.

Normandie 24-01-2020 0.5°C

Yeah, that’s pretty weird, we’ve had primroses out in flower since Jan 1st…which for the Auvergne is slightly strange.

I noticed one little pink primrose in our “divorced” garden last night… lovely to see these harbingers of spring…

One garden expert says that they appear in March after the snow has gone! Global warming or evolution?
Daffodil shoots are well advanced also . . . .