Good steaks in France?

Agree with all the postings on the merits of rare onglet. Meat taken out of the fridge at least an hour before, heavy cast iron pan, thoroughly heated so it’s as hot as possible and no oil. Afterwards let it rest in a warm place for a few minutes.

Well-hung, marinated ronde de gite is a good low budget alternative to some of the pricier cuts. Worth also mentioning onglet de veau. I recently ordered some from our butcher and everyone in the queue watched attentively as he carefully and precisely prepared the meat. I told him that he was un vrai artiste and some of the local women asked him the name of the cut. One smug Brit!

We’re in the Aveyron stretch of the Lot Valley that borders the Cantal, where the local Salers and Aurillac beef is superb. Lamb on the other hand, is disappointing, whilst local outdoor pork is scarce and pricey. However, several places serve porc noir de Bigorre from the Haut Pyrennees.

After that meat fest it’s now time for lunch (meat free today though)

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I’m just south of you Mark and the village butcher is brilliant. His beef (Limousine) melts in the mouth. We had a couple of souris d’agneau from him last week and they were divine. The Geant Casino butchery is also very good with locals shopping there just for the meat counter.