Good to hear about a new novel

Good to hear about a new novel that may be worth reading.

An Edinburgh author has been named the winner of the Edinburgh International Book Festival's 2013 First Book Award.

Angela Jackson, one of 42 writers in contention, said it felt "particularly special" to win the prize for her debut novel, 'The Emergence of Judy Taylor.'

The novel centres around the eponymous Judy – a woman who decides to stop taking the path of least resistance and start making choices about her life. The book explores the themes of complex relationships, change, loss and what it means to belong to a place. It poses questions about what it means to really live. It’s about patterns and choice. It’s about love and life and sex and starlings. It’s about glimpsing the future and being given a second chance. It’s about the weight of responsibility and the guilt of buoyancy. It’s about settling. It’s unsettling. It’s about Judy and Oliver and Paul and Fabiana and Rob and Min and Lily and Harry and a French siren called Isabella. It’s about what happens in small towns and big cities.

Judy married the first man who asked her, lived in the neighbourhood where she had spent her uneventful childhood and adolescence, and still had the same friends she first met in primary school. But, today, she is starting to make up for lost time…

The book is available in hardback and on Kindle and as an Audible audiobook. It will be published in paperback on 21st November 2013. (Pretty cheap as an ebook)

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