Good U.S. Bank for Communicating with French Bank

Charles Schwab Co. Inc. just informed me that I have 30 days to close my account with them because I am no longer living in the U.S. I’m looking for a good bank in the U.S. I want one that a.) allows customers to be residents of foreign countries, namely France; and b.) one that makes it easy to make wire transfers to a French bank, namely Credit Agricole. Thanks.

My aunt was resident in NJ for more than 60 years, and while she naturally had a US bank account she also had one with the Royal Bank of Scotland. As a US resident (and later citizen) she used it exclusively when dealing with things out of the country, foreign hols etc. She certainly opened the account after leaving her native Scotland and had no other address outside of the States.
And I know RBS have no problems dealing with Cred Ag.

Don’t know if that is an avenue …

Thanks very much, George,

I spent the first 29 years of my life in New Jersey so I think your aunt’s experience may be a good omen for banking in Scotland. On the surface it sounds counter-intuitive; but down deeper it sounds exotic. I’ve copied my wife on this and we will discuss it further.


Charles Kalish

St. Amans de Pelligal


Do you have a friend or relative that would let you use their US address for your bank?

Yes, and that’s what we did with Schwab. But when we wanted money wired to us, they seem to have caught on and that’s when they gave us the axe. I’m wondering if all AMerican banks are obligated to drop their ex-pat clients by law.

We have used Xoom (PayPal) and Transferwise to move money from US bank to French bank. Both seem to be about the same cost wise and efficiency wise.

How long does it take via those two services from the time you ask for the transfer to the time it arrives at your bank?