Google Adwords - has anyone used this to promote their gites or holiday accommodation?

I have a $100 Google Adwords credit - not sure how to make best use of it. Do any other gite or B&B owners use Google Adwords? If so, what do you think of it? Any tips?

Thanks Peter. I've had a few clicks on my Google Ad (I think one was mine - I always check that the links work now after I found one that wasn't working on holiday letting site once...).

Time will tell how I get on - I am trying not to be too generic with my keywords - most of my keywords are marked as "Good quality but low traffic keywords". It's all a learning process :-)

We used our 100.00 credit for finding licensees for a bakery concept. There were tons of inquiries, as you can really tailor the market you want to target, but we did not close any deals. Then we moved to Europe.

With 85% market share in the search engine segment, Ad Words does work, if done well.

Well I've bitten the bullet and set up my first ad campaign on Google Adwords. I've set it to run for a month and the budget per day should mean that I won't exceed the $100 I was "given". I searched on some of my key words and there was my ad - cool!

If anyone is interested I will let you know how I get on...

Hi Danny

Thanks for the offer - I don't really know anything about Adwords except that it cost my father-in-law thousands of pounds when he used it so I'm a bit nervous about using it. I will try to gen up on Adwords and if I get stuck I will be in touch - cheers! :-)

Hi Maria. We use adwords a fair bit (well, our PR & Marketing guru does it for us mainly!) but happy to help if I can with any specific queries. Just drop me a mail if you get stuck :)