Google Adwords

I’m trying to get to grips with GA, am watching tutorials but I wondered if any of you had any words of wisdom. I want to drive people to my site but I don’t want to bankrupt myself in the process!

Thanks Brian, that was very helpful and Sholu…I’m still determined to give it a bash!

Don’t do it! I’ve worked in marketing for 20 years and unless you have about 2 hours spare every day to refine the search criteria, it’s not going to be cost effective. This is really only for companies who have ad agencies …

Hi Wendy,

I have written it, you can view it here A Good Time is Blog Time Hope its helpful.

I’d like to see that when it’s done and thanks for the words of wisdom.

No that’s fair enough, words of wisdom then. There are 2 critical aspects to adwords, the first and most important is that you must deliver on the promise i.e. whatever your ad promises must be highly focussed and very targeted to the service you offer and when they click on the link they get taken to a page that delivers exactly that.

Secondly, there is absolutely no point spending more than you can earn from the ad, realistically you may get 1 buyer from every 100 clicks. So if 100 clicks costs you £100 the value of the sale you make must be more than that in profit.

Hope that helps, I am going off now to write an article on adwords for my blog.

I think you might be right Brian…but I will have another bash at Google Adwords, I don’t like to give up on anything without a fight!

Hi Wendy,

It is quite difficult to get it right and they can suddenly start charging more when you do. I found Facebook ads worked better for me, you can target people by their registered interests and geographically for a reasonable price.

I too have tried AdWords and did meet a little success.

However, I would only suggest that you use it WHEN you have money to experiment with. You need to make sure that your keywords are relevant and that can take trial and error and plenty of research!

You might be be better off spending time arranging link swaps or paying for adverts on popular French sites.