Gosh Feb please go quickly!

Uncomfortable weather.

Lots of feathered and furry friends dying...pets who are with

close friends.Our dear young chip the crow died on the road. He was

unable to fly.

The worry of a ...........

Frozen water pipe which has been resasitated to a life of running water

.....thankfully avoiding massive water damage.But adding lots of euros to

the electricity bill.

4 clients from hell who.....thankfully have cancelled 4 bookings made for May but had reserved in Nov 2011 ...BUT I pity the

persons who will have their company in their hotel or B and B I have tried to

allocate their destination and there is a red allert. Yes sometimes the wedding

guests can be more than merry. Sometimes.

Bank meeting on course to discuss why I have been charged 400 euros for 12 transactions...

Do banks managers pluck figures from the sky?

Re-united with an old friend who ran away from our friendship when she could not

deal with my cancer dilema of 17 years in the past. Always be prepared to forgive if you can

makes life much richer. SHE was trapped in a fear relating to her mother. Just as I arrange to

see her again she finds out that she has Cancer. Although in it's beginings and can be irradiqated

without a trace....day surgery and she has returned home.

The world is angry and war is calling loudly to those less willing to forgive, forget and love.

Money, banks and greed are dominating the world and in many shades of bad handling causeing

misery to those who need more and those who have nothing.

Witney Houston has died...

Which brings me back to Amy Winehouse...another casualty.

What a pity....