Government admits it has ‘run out of time’ to find ships to bring emergency supplies after a "no-deal"

It’s not a good time to be a British senior civil servant. Britain has one of the most highly educated, diligent and committed civil services in the World (as has France). Britain’s past success has been largely based on that resource but today they are lions led by donkeys. Plus ça change.

TM has told the House that due diligence was carried out on the now infamous contract.

Except it is manifestly obvious that, in this case, due diligence was waived through without proper scrutiny

1] NAO=National Audit Office

Even if it had been done it seems to be more a paperwork tick (or cross if you are French) in the box exercise than a rigorous assessment of a firm’s ability to deliver on a contract.

What I find utterly disagreeable is the fact that failing Grayling couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to face the HoC Transport select committee but sent his permanent secretary instead.
Pure arrogance.

Grayling is really the poster boy for ministerial incompetence but he was May’s campaign manager for the top job. She hasn’t the bottle to shaft him. In fact she has a knack of selecting idiots to advise her, for example Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill. Both of whom are still causing trouble elsewhere,

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How about if the government requistion/demand that all owners of dinghies, canoes, pedalos and any other floating craft form a flotilla to cross to Europe to pick up supplies and expats and seek any available help ?

Oh, wait a minute wasn’t that already done before ? :hugs::thinking::laughing: