Government lose in SC - Prorogation unlawful & void

Wow, just wow.

Unanimous verdict.

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Interesting to see if there are any real sanctions - especially on those members of privy council (eg JRM) who went up to Balmoral to direct HMQ to prorogue.

But, constitutionally, this is massive.


Well done Gina Miller - again!!!
and her legal team as well including Lord Pannick.


I’m in shock!
Never thought I’d see such an occurrence.
Most certainly didn’t expect a unanimous decision.

I think that is one of the most striking features of the judgement.

Corbyn calling for PM’s resignation

Possibly the logical moment to call for a VONC although I’m not sure if Labour are really ready for a GE - and the present situation does play into Johnson’s hand in terms of “I’m still the peoples’ saviour - they made me do it”

Not sure what happens next except that the gutter press headlines will be full of vitriol very soon.


Been waiting for the decision this morning and as soon as it happened the online news sites crashed! :rage: Has Boris pressed the jammer…

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WOW !!!

Will Boris have the cahones to resign ?

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It would seem that a GE is now likely sometime in November thereby delaying Brexit once again.

There’s a big “OK what next” hanging over proceedings, parliament should reconvene but what do they actually do?

I think every opposition leader is calling for Johnson’s resignation - which I agree is appropriate but I suspect he will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from No 10; it plays to his martyrdom which he will use to effect in a GE (assuming still leader of the Tories of course).

VoNC the logical step but Corbyn might still be reluctant, to a point I can sympathise - unless it is a certainty that the government will lose it risks leaving everything even more paralysed than it is now. Obviously it would also be a personal defeat for Corbyn but, frankly, I couldn’t give a s**t about that.

It will be interesting to hear what @Brian_Wheeler has to say on the issue.

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What saddens me most is that it needed a private individual to take this to the supreme court - what a dreadful reflection of democracy. Gina Miller is truly a heroine.


Thanks Mat, I feel somewhat vindicated today for advising people not to give up hope last week. I had a feeling the Government would loose this after the Scottish hearing because they failed to provide any proof to the court to disprove their case. From that point on I had a feeling they’d loose.

As to what happens now we’ll I’m afraid that I can’t answer. This is totally unchartered water we are in here. I think Boris’s position is now untenable the anger in the house will likely make Governing the country impossible. He has tried to silence Parliament and bought the Queen into disrepute. He should fall on his sword if he doesn’t I think he will be made to, or the Government will be bought down in a Vote of No Confidence, and that could even come from his own side!

That is of course unless her Majesty decides to take her own action for misleading her and summon him to the Palace on his return from New York and dismiss him! She still has that power and who’d bet on her not using it in such extraordinary circumstances as we are now in.

What I will say is this week is likely to be one of the most turbulent in British politics ever! And I’m praying it ends with this shambolic lying cheating dishonest Government being kicked on their arses out of Parliament and thrown to the wolves baying for their blood. It’s an utter disgrace, and as a Civil Servant it really pains me to have to serve such a terrible Government.


Johnson and Cummings will spin her once again as an enemy of the people.
He has already said that the he strongly disagrees with the judgement - so much for the taking back control mantra of “our borders, our money and our laws”

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Boris Johnson pledges to take Prorogation fight ‘all the way’ to the European Court of Justice

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After losing his case to prorogue parliament in the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to take his fight ‘all the way’ to the European Court if he has to.

You couldn’t make this up…
BloJo really has lost his marbles…

Wait, I thought it was a joke? :laughing:



Apart from the irony ECJ only rules on matters of EU law - so it is really not justiceable in the ECJ


Pretty certain that it is.

Good one though.

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