Governmental subsidies

As many of you seem to own prehistoric relics or even recent constructions there are many many

"aides", be it for renovating buildings or heating systems or even tax :"déduction sur travaux"

The list seems unexhaustive !!

The easiest place to start is the local ANAH ( agence Nationale de l'Habitat ) who, if you're lucky

will tell you all the helps you can have ( comission locale, FART ( Fond d'aide a la Renovation

Thermique) to name but two !)

Remember this is France, prepare for a rough ride and many contradictions

My dossier took 2 years from start to finish ...

Up to last year, you had to do at least two separate types of operation to qualify, which we did : change oil fuel heater boiler from a 70s guzzler to modern condensation type (result : 30% saving in consumption, and self -regulating temperatures in the radiators, due to outside thermostat), and insulation the roof and down ceilings in the top storey, with wood insulation plaques. This resulted in us getting three sorts of subvention : two in cheques, and one in tax relief. The dossiers were easy to fill in (well, me being an ancien fonctionnaire, 'twas nae bother) and the dosh and tax relief notification arrived in due course.

From this year, you only need to do one at a time, so we're changing some windows (right now, the chippie is fitting them), and we'll get some new shutters later in the year. These qualify for tax relief, so we'll shove the new windows on this years, and pay the shutters early 2016. The only requisites are that the artisan has to be environmentally qualified, which they put on their devis and websites etc.

Not sure I understand illustrate the stages ??

I had several dossiers, double glazing, double glazed doors, insulating quite a few walls and ceilings

and insulating the loft. Through the ANAH I received between 40 and 60% back.

It might be more insructive were you to illustrate the stages and the object of your dossier.