Graphic designers and artists


I wonder if anyone can help? My husband has set up his business here in France as an artist but is by trade, a graphic designer. He has until now only done web sites for UK clients and sterling payers but we would like to bring this business to France. Does he need to set up a new business or can he trade using the siret number for an artist? Any help/ insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Susan

Thanks Neil, That’s useful. I’m in the process of setting up with La Maison Des Artistes…

I was in a similar situation a few years back when as soon as you registered you had to start paying social charges on a monthly basis whether you earned anything or not. So I registered at the La Maison des Artistes, was given a number which covers you for all sorts of artistic enterprises. If he has registered as a business you will have to look to see what this covers as some occupations are very specific. I changed my trading name to idea! ( to cover design as well.