Grass cutting


We have recently bought an old house to renovate and the garden, about 4000m2, has been left to its own devices for about 20 years. We seem to be making progress with a brish cutter removing the brambles but are looking for advice on cutting the grass "meadow" at the rear. We want to buy a sit on mower but are not sure if it will be capable of coping with the existing grass which is about 150mm high, has anyone any experience of sit on mowers in this situation?


Graham & Ann Pratt

Hi Graham & Ann,

'Gardening' seems a bit quiet at the moment so I thought I'd chip in. We have a very old MTD mower that copes OK with very long grass, but I don't think I'd use it on long meadow grass.

We've just invested in one of these for preparing our new garden for planting. You can get attachments that'll do most things. They don't do ride-ons as such though. We've had trees removed & a new drive laid and all was pretty rough for flower beds and vegetables. I tried everywhere to get a professional to sort it but failed. However, someone suggested I try & get a local farmer to rotovate it, but we are surrounded by vines & all is geared to that. Maybe different where you are?

Good luck,


Any decent make of ride on will cut your grass that high. The best thing to do is to cut it gradually so start off cutting a couple of inches then cut a few more inches until you get down to the required height. Don't try cutting it all in one go as you may well damage the machine.

We were in the same position 2 years ago, and I bought a cub cadet RZT zero turn mower, not only does it cut superbly but it is also fanastic fun to drive. Most manufacturers now do zero turn mowers, make sure you get tillers and not a wheel, and you'll love mowing the lawn, and how many folk can say that ???