Great Discount Food Site If You Have Visitors Coming Over From The UK!

Most visitors from the UK ask whether we want anything brought over.

(If they don’t never invite them again!)

I stumbled onto Approved Foods and have just put in an order that my Mum is bringing back for me.

This week up to the 24th they have a discount on too, so you can make even further savings.

Delivery is weight sensitive, but the site adds the weight as you go.

If you are into bulk buying, its a must!

Best deal today: 7 kilos of ready mix suet dumpling mix (family is a big fan of these) for 1.98!

I limited my purchases and only a few tins and jars to keep the weight down, but do take a look.

I think I made a saving of about £106 on the normal price.

I have stocked up with some useful provisions for my youngest to go off to uni, and will be using it when we are expecting visitors in the future.

Discount voucher ends on 24th of this month

They have a Facebook and Twitter page too.

Glad you have.
There were tons of things to choose things from, depending on your family size.
I think mine will a great start for my daughter’s university kitchen stocks.
Things like microwave rices, couscous etc, which are really overpriced in the supermarkets.
I guess the secret is not to get too carried away!

Oh, I didn’t see that! Best I suppose to get a few people to chip in with the delivery costs - I didn’t really look as I had organised it to coincide with my Mum’s visit.
But great news anyway, I can keep a look out for the bargains.
Thanks for pointing that out Julie.