Green-fingered help wanted by Anglo-French charity

This is happening again. Link to the website in the article.

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I think that’s a very anglo thing, so mainly british people and concentrated in british areas?

The national french equivalent is rendez-vous aux jardins in June,

We did it one year and was fun.

No idea. Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested.


Having taken a good look… I love the whole idea… and it is clearly international as this “open garden” theme is happening under various guises all across Europe… often for a very good cause… :hugs:

They include/liaise-with some impressive “well known” gardens , too

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Quite a few open gardens here in the Creuse, both French and English, not quite sure the French understand paying to look round a garden. And as the article says 50% french and English gardens!

Yes there has been a developing european wide movement for open garden in various guises for many years, the rendez-vous takes place in many countries. It’s a great way to get to see things that aren’t open to the public normally, a bit like the journée patrimoine.

This particular group was established more recently on the lines of the yellow book schemes, which was a great idea as that’s not really known in France. And it is growing, but still has a concentration to the south west. Sadly there’s nothing with reaching distance.