Green hair

very white blonde hair turned a bit green in the pool.

Why would this happen ph is correct.

We take a specimen of the pool water to the pool shop to be analised....WILL

take along another in a day or 2 .

Note all your remarks.

The clients have not been advised to use vinegar and they are in an out of the pool

all day.

Whilst not all hair conditioners contain phosphates especially as many people are now becoming aware of them a lot still do, often hidden with long chemical and trademark names. Not to mention the surfactants that may also be in the mix as well.

Barbara, despite cleaning the pool everyday that will not remove the copper although filling your pool with blondes might ;-)

If you clean the green from the children's hair and they return to the pool the same thing will happen again and cleaning hair with vinegar frequently will almost certainly have an effect on it. I urge you to get the water tested to find out what the level is, instruct J to maintain a slightly lower pH at 7.2 and purchase some sequestrant from a pool shop to bind the copper to prevent further staining.

A problem indeed. J checks the PH with great care and also keeps the pool

as clean as every day it is cleaned.

Veronique is spot on my hair is more of a copper colour and the snow white blonde

children have the whitest blonde hair you will ever see.

Yes they are visitors of a paying nature and yes all seems ok now. I am insured

and other legal protection.

The kids, like many others are addicted to the pool so if we have stormy weather

today they will be in bad moods.

The complications of making a living are massive and especially going in at the deep


Thanks for the input.....I looked at dear old Google too but Vero gave me vinegar...

A very handy condiment.

Conditioner doesn't contain phosphates (& not all shampoos do either) I do agree with them (and sun cream etc etc etc ) sliming everything up but as I happen to know Barbara isn't blonde it is presumably a visitor not someone who's going to be using the pool every day for weeks.

I would suggest you get the water tested for the copper level as it can also begin to stain other pool parts. The copper source can also be from multi action galets, the little blue flecks are copper based whereas most algaecides are sold in a chelated (non staining )form this can over a period of time get removed by the chlorine and require more chelating agent (EDTA) to keep the copper from staining. Also keeping the pH at 7.2 will help

Really important not to use any copper based products in plaster/tiled pools as it will stain and removal of the staining gets expensive.

I do not agree to putting conditioner in hair before swimming as this may help your hair it won't help the pool or the filtration system, it will increase the chlorine demand and that will increase the bad chlorinated by products and could also lead to further staining of the water line. Hair and and most other beauty products contain phosphates which you do not want in your pool as they are the algae food supply. To prevent the pool turning green due to the phosphates you have just added what will you add to the pool, algaecide? That would put you right back where you started from with hair staining.

Non copper based algaecides (quats or poly quats) are not strong enough to stop an algae bloom once it has started but could act as a sort of insurance policy if your chlorine drops too low for a while but better to remove the copper and any phosphates where possible and keep the water as pure as possible.

yes thank you Veronique.

Metallic salts bonding to the hair. High Ph can affect it more but normal Ph does it too - it is the copper (oxide, sulphate) in the algicide which is responsible. Rinsing with vinegar should help & a friend of mine's favourite remedy is.... ketchup. Otherwise a shampoo with EDTA in it will chelate the salts & hair will be OK again. For preventing it put conditioner in your hair before swimming & tie it up. I hope this helps!