Green, interpret as you wish

This image was taken whilst I owned to most exotic piece of glass I probably ever will.

It was the AF-S 200-400mm f/4G VRII IF-ED for any geeky photogs.

Let's have your green them pics please, everything is welcome from pinhole to exotic as always!

Green Predator![](upload://mAj5qre7fovxtp7T7htiVTkPyzR.jpg)

Alien green![](upload://uJPIFcgdWd9Eibn7EonPIUagxL7.jpg)![](upload://sPEauSIjCXV9Gh1DJQcjXzghZMb.jpg)green power![](upload://yDPJefCoF7XRla4WrQG8eKZp81J.jpg)green with a dash of red

Ronnie Birks

I wish. Funny though, I do feel guilty about spending that much on a lens. I work 45-50 hour a week every week for not a lot but I feel that if I earned it I should spend it on what I really want.

Thanks to you James (and I mean that) you revived my love for photography. (and gadgets) :D

no pic?

By my daughter Natasha

I don't have any opinion as I've never used the new one. Probably pretty good though, did you win the lottery or what?!

I am seriously considering the 70-200 2.8. Can't decide between 2nd hand VR1 from Grays and a new VRII. I'm on DX so very tempted by the first one. The "false" zoom at close focus distances puts me off the VRII. Oh, and surprisingly, I've been told to be wary of Kens reviews!!!

Sadly not :(

Don't you own it anymore James?

Green 6

Green 5

Green 4

Green 3

Green 2