Ground testing...!

This morning a machine turned up making a lot of noise very close to my house. I asked what was going on. I was told - ‘ground testing.’ I asked why but the answer was ‘don’t know’. A metal tube was being driven into the ground in 2 places very very close to my house. Just metres away. The second borehole was adjacent to, virtually touching, my garden/house wall.

I had heard this machine several times in the neighbourhood so I assume a survey of the area was taking place.

But why? Does anyone have any idea please as to what and why this is going on?

I always get suspicious when these sort of things happen without any notice being given.

Maybe the Mairie can help?
I know that the French governement have recently provided small refunds to households affected by land movement issues following unusual climate problems - land shrinkage/slippage - and perhaps this is in some way associated.

Thanks Graham. I looked out a recent ‘lettre municipal’ for March but nothing about surveys in the area is mentioned. There is mention of a modification in the Plan Local d’Urbanisme which is on display at the Mairie. So, as you say, maybe I should go ask.

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Very interesting @Bonzocat.

IME any form of workmen pulling up outside my house is something the state/former state organ is about to do that you won’t like. Maybe not that visit. But they are laying the ground for a return visit that will cause an alteration that is not positive for you.

We have had 3 examples of that here. Water, electricity, electricity again.

Did you think to go and ask them what they were doing? Do your neighbours know anything? Does the mairie?

These days if I hear any workmen nearby or if any works van parks I pay attention immediately. First discreetly then, last time I “interviewed” the poor guy :slight_smile:

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Hello Karen, I’ve been to the town hall this morning to ask what is going on with this soil testing in my neighbourhood, particularly so close to the corner of my house - one metre away.

The mayor was not there but I have left a message with reception for someone to contact me by phone or email to let me know.

Am waiting!

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Good luck @Bonzocat :crossed_fingers:

Well, I spoke with the Marie this morning and the commune know nothing about the soil testing. So, it must be something else.

I suspect that a building is going to be constructed on this plot next to my house - for which I have made a bid to buy. It has a derelict old barn on it which is attached to my house. In the distant past it was part of my house.

A Tutelle is responsible for the sale of this barn and she wrote asking if I would like to buy, and I replied that I would, but have heard nothing since, which is why this soil testing has aroused my curiosity.

I suspect she has ignored my bid in favour of someone else and refuses to let me know, or let me make a new offer. Her refusal to respond is infuriating.

How can I find out if building permission has been granted or whether this plot has been sold?

Back to the Mairie.

If it’s physically attached to your house I have a feeling you might have some rights of first refusal here. Notaires are supposed to be representatives of the state so neutral would be implied (well, to me). However one does hear stories of rings of corrupt professionals.

I would go to mairie(obvs) but also very quickly to notaire ( yours, ideally, rather than theirs) get help. There are time limits once certain notices are displayed, in places you might not have noticed, for you to assert your rights after notice or public display, if these types of rights apply. Act quickly and in person.

Round here, would just have to be adjoining land ( or possibly even just nearby but for sure it applies to adjoining) for neighbour to have first refusal to buy at whatever price it was going to be sold to a third party.

Dont wait to be called back by anybody go and see. Time is of the essence.

Thank s Karen & Mat, I have asked the local notaire to intervene on my behalf to find out from the Tutelle - who is responsible for the sale - what is going on since she refuses to contact me.

If nothing comes of that I will ask the Mayor himself to get involved.

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Good news - ground/soil testing is now a legal requirement prior to selling constructibe land/buildings, hence the soil testing in front of the barn I wish to buy which is attached to my house.

Phew! Nothing nefarious going on thankfully!

Good. Wonder what the test is intended to find?


You could become very rich!

Lithium would be better these days

From my days back a long time ago in the world of architecture and building, what is under the ground is a big unknown . Generally a building contractor would set aside a provisional sum of money to be spent in the event of obstructions found in the ground or worse…poor load bearing ground. Lots of extra money could be required by the builder from the client!

Soil testing gives any prospective buyer of building land notice of what to expect under the ground.

If and when I get my barn I shall give it a good going over with my metal detector. Probably find a few ancient francs/centimes…no treasure!

Outside my old workshop I discovered a coin from the French revolution era, just below grass root level. - not a treasure exactly but of great interest to me.